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St. Augustine's was founded to unite the best of the modern home school with the tradition of a Catholic liberal arts education. The goal of Catholic liberal arts education is to understand how everything humans can ever know fits together in a coherent image of God's universe and how He wants us to live in it. Such learning must be lived and carried into the heart as well as the mind.

At St. Augustine's, the goodness of our students and their families is the foundation of our program. Our families love the good, the true and the beautiful and want to better know these aspects of God's love and grace in a more deeper, personal way.   Our families are dedicated homeschoolers who want a structured and systematic foundation they can reinforce and expand upon in the home as a family.  At St. Augustine's, parents remain the first and primary educators of their children.


St Augustine's enrichment courses supplement and enhance what is already occurring at home.  Students read original texts and then attend classes one or two days each week where they engage in tutor-led Socratic discussions, from the Middle School onward.  The emphasis of each discussion is three-fold:  1. to bring a greater awareness and appreciation of God's love and mercy for the individual person as well as the whole of humanity, thereby drawing each student to a closer union with our Blessed Lord and His Church;  2.  to encourage each student to carefully and logically discern the cause and effect of an individual's actions, whether for good or evil and how our response of either affects those around us, many times for centuries to come;  and, 3.  to assist each student in the art of rhetoric.   What is learned in class is then carried on in the home school through the parents' curriculum of choice.  Weekly e-mails from each tutor assist parents in providing even more enrichment in each subject area by providing optional enrichment exercises to complete, if desired.

Our tutors, deeply educated in the vast heritage of Catholic truths and culture, help the students build an ever-richer picture of God's world from the 5th grade through the 12th. Since love and knowledge grow together, Literature and History are at the heart of our curriculum. These subjects detail man's greatest hopes, loves and failings, when taught at any grade level. Latin, in the middle and upper levels, as well as Logic, Philosophy and Scripture lead children ever more deeply into the heart and mind of Holy Mother Church and the truths she teaches and embodies. Science, Math and Writing, at all levels, provide languages to describe both the patterns of reality and our imagination.

Yet, beyond ideas, are the great men and women whose lives change millions of others by their correspondence to grace. When we come to know man's history, we are humbled and inspired by how God provided for our ancestors, both by revelation and the natural law. We learn to admire their greatness even while we are cautioned by their errors, for they tell us so much about our own time.


"St. Augustine's has been a wonderful addition to our homeschooling, giving our daughter instruction and hands-on experience in a way that we would not have time to do so thoroughly while also teaching and caring for younger siblings.   It has also given her the opportunity to develop friendships with other devoted Catholic children whom we may never have otherwise met.  The prayerful vision with which everything is taught and carried out is just what we would want for our own home, so it is a blessing to our whole family."


- Deemer Family

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